Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"


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The Section Activities contains participation in meetings, membership in scientific and professional associations and other information.


Terminology Conferences.

Academic Libraries Conferences since 1996.

Greek Librarians Association Conferences since 1984.

Categorizing Human Experience: Classification in Languages and Knowledge Systems, COST A31 Conference, 14-16 May 2010.

National Identities of engineers, International Conference, National Technical University of Athens and  ENPC École des Ponts, Ermoupoli Syros, 11-14 July 2004.

Virtual Communities Conference, London, June 2002.

Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries 1st (Pisa, 1997), 2nd (Herakleion, 1998), 4th (Lisbon, 2000).

IATUL 99, Hania, Crete, May 1999.

62nd IFLA General Conference, Beijing China, 25-31 August 1996.

Netties 95, International Conference, ΤΕΙ Πειραιά, Αθήνα, Νοέμβριος 1995.

Technical Chamber of Greece Information Technology Conferences (1984, 1995).

International Online Information Meeting - London, 10th (1986), 15th (1991).

DEXA 94 (DataBase and Expert Systems Application), International Meeting, Αθήνα, 7-9 Σεπτ. 1994.

Chemical Engineers Conference·(1981).

Industry Conference, Technical Chamber of Greece, 1981.

Scientific & Professional Associations

Technical Chamber of Greece

Hellenic Association of Chemical Engineers

Greek Librarians Association

Hellenic Society for Terminology

British Computer Society, Information Systems Group



  • Member of Technical Chamber of Greece Permanent Committee for Information Technology (1984-1988).
  • Member of the working group for the creation of Technical Chamber of Greece Data Bank (1990-1991).
  • Member of the National Standardization Committees TCG-ELOT for Terminology (1987-1991, 2005-, I am the coordinator as well) and Documentation (1990-).
  • Member of the group for the greek translation of EEC publication “Information pack on applying new technologies in Libraries”, 1992.
  • Development and management of the bibliographic database for Evonymos Ecological Library, implementing initially an application with the Micro-Isis program of Unesco (1994-) followed by the installation of ABEKT library system.
  • Design and development of two databases in Microsoft Access for Evonymos Ecological Library, with graphics in books, calendars and other library material.
  • Design and development of a bibliographic database for Ornithological Society, implementing an application with the Micro-Isis program of Unesco.
  • Member of Technical Chamber of Greece working group for greek terminology establishment in Energy topics, European Programs Lingua (1994-) and Leonardo (1994-1998).
  • Cooperation with National Centre for Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS" (Giannis Korovesis) for the installation of an Ariadne Network node at the Documentation and Information Unit of TCG and creation of the first website of TCG (gopher application, 1994-1996).
  • Cooperation with Intrasoft company for the adaptation of the TCG Library system at Data Bank system (1995 - ).
  • Member of the working group of TEI of Athens for the design of the automated Library System of the Institute (1996).
  • Study of the existing situation and design of the organization of Telecommunication organization (OTE) Library on behalf of ACE (Advanced Concepts Enterprises) (1996).
  • Member of the working group for the study and the development of ARTEMIS electronic system of grey literature in academic institutions, funded by the program for the Horizontal Action for Libraries (1997-).
  • Member of the working group of TEI of Athens for the design of an integrated Library system for the Schools of  Merchant Navy (1998).
  • Member of the working group of TEI of Athens for the design of an integrated Library system for the Schools of  OAED (1999).
  • Cooperation with the ICS/FORTH Parallel and Distributed Systems Group (Sarantos Kapidakis) for the installation of Dienst program and creation of the first Digital Library of Technical Chamber of Greece.
  • Design in Microsoft Access of terminological databases for recording greek and English terms used and developed by the Standardization Committees working at TCG.
  • Cooperation of TCG Library at Universe European Program for the development of a virtual Library Catalogue.
  • Member of the working group for the New National Library (1999).
  • Participation at the Human Network for New Technologies, National Documentation Centre, ΕΚΤ 1998.
  • Participation at the Human Network for Cultural Heritage (Hellenic Cultivate Network)
  • Proposals submission for the "Information Society" Operational Programme, on digitization of cultural and technical material of TCG (2003).
  • Responsible for the documentation and coordination of the project “Digitization of architectural heritage works of Ionian islands”, undertaken by Corfu regional section of the Technical Chamber, within the framework of the "Information Society" Operational Programme, call 78  (2005-2006). http://deana.tee.gr/tee/ and http://www.e-ionia.gr/cultureportalweb/
  • Member of the Committee for the construction of Greek Thesaurus of scientific terms, within the framework of the the Horizontal Action for Academic Libraries.
  • Member of the Committee for the subject content organization of the National Documentation Centre.
  • Historical research in primary archives of engineers, documentation and design of a database for Greek engineers (for the period 1850-1950). (Members of the scientific group: G. Antoniou, K. Toraki, M. Assimakopoulos, T. Tympas, Ch. Agriantoni, A. Baltas) (June 2005-January 2006).
  • Member and coordinator of the Technical Chamber working group for the recording and presentation of life anf work of greek engineers (2008- ). http://history.tee.gr