Where is the Life we have lost in living?
Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?"


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Education - some seminars I had attended earlier - other scientific knowledge, expertise and interests



1978 : School of Chemical Engineers, National Technical University of Athens

Mechanism of active path formation during stress corrosion cracking  of aluminum alloys. NTUA, School of Chemical engineers, Chair of Physical Chemistry and Applied Electrochemistry, 1978 (Dissertation).

1992 : MSc in Information Systems and Technology, City University, Λονδίνο.

    Design and prototype evaluation of an online tutoring system. London: City University, 1992 (MSc Dissertation)

    2003 : Doctoral Dissertation, Ionian University, Department of Archives and Library Sciience

    Organization, structure and characteristics of the virtual library. Corfu: Ionian University, 2003. (Phd Dissertation)



  • Subject classification, Online retrieval, Aslib, London, May 1982
  • Microcomputers in Libraries and Information Centres, UNESCO, Βουδαπέστη, 1-30 Sept. 1982.
  • International Graduate Summerschool, College of Librarianship, Aberystwyth Wales, July-August 1985.
  • Other seminars on online information retrieval systems, mainly in London and Oxford.
  • Seminars on DBASE III+ και DBASE IV in Athens.
  • Patras Spring Course on the Digital Library, Tilburg University, Patras Greece, 10-15 May 1998.
  • .........................



  • Information systems and technology issues: operating systems (DOS, Unix), Windows environment, database management systems and programming languages (dBase, Access, Turbo Pascal), office automation systems, computer networks, analysis and design of information systems, Internet and websites development.
  • Information technology in libraries, library systems management, applications development with the use of software packages like Unesco Micro-ISIS, ProCite for Windows, Geac Advance, Dienst, dSpace etc.
  • Information search and retrieval systems, online access to bibliographic and other databases since 1983.
  • Documentation issues: abstracting services, subject access systems, thesauri construction.
  • Ontologies.
  • Development and management of digital libraries, electronic documents management, metadata, virtual libraries.
  • Terminology issues.
  • History of science and technology.